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Berkenaan tag ini pula,inilah kali ke-3 saya kena tag oleh Nizam..:D,tak banyak yang saya nak ceritakan disini.Sebab tag yang lagi satu pun lebih kurang macam ni bunyinya :D...

1. Thanks and link the person who tag you.
Thanks to Nizam,becoz he's the person who tag me.

2. Tag 10 bloggers that you discovered and think fantastic.

1- aimandecloud
2- ~fisha~
3- Erynn
4- Syira ITIK KEJ♥M
5- coreyzie

3. Contact that blog and let's them know they been tag.
okay..i'll tell them into their shoutbox..:D

4. State 7 things about you.
my real name "izzat",19 years old,i'm still studying and taking HND in Civil Eng.
my hometown at Selangor, and if you want to know more about me just click page Profile.
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