How to change favicon on your blog

Ok here i want to share something to all,that is to change favicon on your blog..

favicon sample

Favicon is small icon beside site URL on your browser..In blogger,the default favicon is coloured by orange with capital letter 'B'...you can change that default favicon with your own customized icon with size 16x16 or 32x32 or 48x48...if you like to use your own favicon as your blog identity,just follow the instruction below:

1.Create your own favicon with size that i told you earlier.
2.Save your favicon with format .ico for an example favicon.ico and then upload it at free image hosting.
3.Go to your blogger Dashboard,click on 'Layout',
4.Click on 'Edit HTML' backup your template(untuk keselamatan sahaje,klu tak nak pon tak apa..hee)
5.and then paste this code code above this code code (nak lagi senang tekan ctrl+f utk find code)
*change image url with icon image url that you upload just now.
6.Save Template


P/s:nak tahu berjaye atau tidak?cuba refresh blog anda dan lihat perubahan pada favicon blog anda bersebelahan dengan web address.

Selamat mencuba!
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